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From Edwin Punzalan <>
Subject Re: Release Management for Maven/Continuum
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 04:30:41 GMT

I'll be updating the white-site...

Please see my inline comments below

Brett Porter wrote:
> Feedback:
> - I'd rather Release be equivalent to "build now" (ie, we might need 
> an icon for it), so added to the right-hand tasks per project, and 
> added to the individual project page as a button.
> - I don't think this should operate on a group. It doesn't necessarily 
> equate to a multi-module project, so instead I'd just go project by 
> project. If they hit the parent then they get to release a bunch at 
> once, as is the case in maven
Above is what we've talked about in IRC and its fine with me.  Makes 
things simpler, too.
> - I like the summary page that lists out all the defaults, however 
> instead of an "edit" link, how about making the whole thing a form 
> with defaults that gets submitted?
The summary page shows only a few of the release parameters. So the 
"Edit" link is there to direct the user to the more detailed release 
configuration page.  But since we'll be releasing projects one at a 
time, I guess I can incorporate what you mean into the new white-site.
> - I don't think we should have checkboxes on which modules to release, 
> as that doesn't really correspond to what we have now, and likewise 
> the "from parent" checkbox wouldn't be relevant
I get what you mean, so ok.
> - there will be more elements to configure - we should get them into 
> the interface now
I'll try to put them all in the next white-site
> - on prepare finished, it should look like the build result page. We 
> are only building one thing if you agree with the above
> - likewise for perform
> - as Jason said, prep and perform should be separate. I'm not sure of 
> the best way to do this - perhaps hitting the release button presents 
> the following options:
>   * prepare release from current code
>   * perform release from (list of previously prepared releases that 
> haven't been performed)
>   * perform release from SCM tag
ok, so this means continuum should remember prepared releases. Should 
there be a separate release working directory for this? Because a 
prepared release may get lost after a scheduled build.


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