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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: How make my projects pom.xml SVN independent?
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 19:21:37 GMT
You need to specify it in your pom because this information is used by continuum and by some
plugins like release, changelog plugins.

What is the pb with this information in your pom? You don't change scm every day. It's the
same type 
of inforation that repository or distribution tags. If you change the address of your remote

repository, you need to change your pom too.

It's necessary to have these informations in the pom, because it's more simple to manage datas
one place.

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Markus Wahl a écrit :
> I fell I should like to specify:
> --...I would like to give the url "svn:
> https://daHost/repository/trunk/framework/CRM/EJB/pom.xml" to ...-
> So that Continuum knows I am talking about svn. That information is
> necessary to give to continuum, but I don't think it should be necessary to
> write that in my pom.xml which afterall should be SVN independant since I
> can not be sure it will be stored in SVN in the future....
> On 8/15/06, <> wrote:
>> I am attempting Continuum for a maven2 pom.xml that specifies a scm that
>> points out a subversion repository where the other project files reside.
>> And it works.
>> But the pom.xml contains the full reference to the subversion server and
>> the trunk of the repository:
>> <scm>
>>    <connection>scm:svn:https://daHost/repository/trunk/framework/CRM/EJB
>> </connection>
>>    <developerConnection>scm:svn:
>> https://daHost/repository/trunk/framework/CRM/EJB</developerConnection>
>> </scm>
>> OK, so why is it necessary to include that in the pom? It is really bad
>> since the pom is no longer portable if the svn server changes host, or
>> changes to cvs e g, or even portable between branches since the URL hard
>> coded in the pom would not reflect the branch and instead always point to
>> the trunk. How can this be avoided? Ideally I would like to give the 
>> url "
>> https://daHost/repository/trunk/framework/CRM/EJB/pom.xml" to the
>> Continuum web interface when adding the project, and the pom.xml would 
>> NOT
>> contain any reference to the svn. Are you with me?
>> The alternative of course is that I have misunderstodd something
>> basic..... please correct me.
>> mvh,
>> markus

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