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From Trygve Laugstøl <>
Subject Re: Continuum 1.1 roadmap
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2006 16:33:25 GMT
+1 to most stuff, comments inline.

Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
> Hi,
> I started to define the roadmap of continuum 1.1. It will be done 
> normally tomorrow.
> The major first things to do in this roadmap are:
> - Reimplementation of authentication/authorization management 
> (CONTINUUM-542 and CONTINUUM-513): this will be done by carlos with 
> acegi. Carlos will integrate acegi with plexus. This part must secure 
> all requests in continuum and not only don't show some part of the 
> interface.
> - Remove JDO (at least jpox) because it the source of lot of our issues

Remove JPOX, not JDO unless it's required by the new implementation. JDO 
is a really nice specification and we already have a lot of code that 
uses it so if we can avoid it that should be prioritized.

> - implementation of continuum profiles and installation 
> screens(CONTINUUM-44,CONTINUUM-59)
> - integration of GBuild (CONTINUUM-563)

-0, I think that this is a very useful feature but Continuum needs to 
get the basic stuff right before we start getting fancy. There is 
nothing wrong in adjusting Continuum so that it is easier to implement 
this in the future though.

> - implementation of project groups (CONTINUUM-30, 
> Other important things I'd want to see in it:
> - customization of the add project feature. In this part, I think to add 
> a multi-project as a multiple projects or as a single project, scm 
> connection string to use, add with a scm url, add all modules by a scm 
> connection instead of an url contruction based on project url provided 
> in the add screen

+1, but we need to discuss this as there are many ways of implementing it.

> - build on dependencies changes

This is a very useful feature, have gotten lots of requests for this.

> - add a tests result summary in build results

This one too.

Other things that I consider important:

* Dead Build Notification

Add a thread that will try to see if a build has been hanging for too 
long. Options include looking at the wall time elapsed, new build output.

When it discovers a hung build it can email the administrator of the 
server, automatically restart Continuum etc. If more features related to 
process control it can also try to kill the process.

* Customizable Mail Templates
This is something that people find rather useful and should be pretty 
easy to include. Make sure to make room for both HTML and plain text 
emails. Document the objects that are available in the Velocity context.


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