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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Continuum 1.1 roadmap
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2006 14:21:52 GMT
>>>>> - Remove JDO (at least jpox) because it the source of lot of our 
>>>>> issues
>>>> +1
> My only opinion on this is to think about it, but save the work until we 
> bump into the next big problem that is going to require a lot of effort 
> to fix. It seems stable enough in 1.0.3 and if it remains that way 
> through 1.1 it can buy us some time.
> I'm interested in seeing how JPA progresses as a replacement for this 
> (even if it requires Java 5, which it would be nice to move to anyway :) 
> There should be a better choice of implementations and the API is 
> similar I think.
> It's a shame we're having so many problems, as the jdo api is actually 
> quite nice.
> BTW, have we done much trials with databases other than hsqldb and 
> derby? Maybe the problem isn't JDO :)
I open an issue for the replacement of it (CONTINUUM-740). Actually, it's planned for 1.1
and we'll 
can move it to another version if we think it isn't necessary to spend lot of time on it.

Some users use Continuum with posgres, mysql or mssql and I don't know if they have issues
for database schema).


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