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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Continuum 1.1 roadmap
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 21:04:01 GMT

I started to define the roadmap of continuum 1.1. It will be done normally tomorrow.

The major first things to do in this roadmap are:

- Reimplementation of authentication/authorization management (CONTINUUM-542 and CONTINUUM-513):

this will be done by carlos with acegi. Carlos will integrate acegi with plexus. This part
secure all requests in continuum and not only don't show some part of the interface.

- Remove JDO (at least jpox) because it the source of lot of our issues

- implementation of continuum profiles and installation screens(CONTINUUM-44,CONTINUUM-59)

- integration of GBuild (CONTINUUM-563)

- implementation of project groups (CONTINUUM-30, CONTINUUM-289,CONTINUUM-290, CONTINUUM-291,


Other important things I'd want to see in it:

- customization of the add project feature. In this part, I think to add a multi-project as
multiple projects or as a single project, scm connection string to use, add with a scm url,
add all 
modules by a scm connection instead of an url contruction based on project url provided in
the add 

- build on dependencies changes

- add a tests result summary in build results

I'll add missing issues in jira tomorrow when I'll continue the roadmap.


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