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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: memory leak investigations
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 19:16:56 GMT
The memory leak seems to be fixed by my latest patch. Now I have always one statecontentgenerator
memory instead of several due to a strange thing with role-hint in components.xml in continuum-web


Brett Porter a écrit :
> Ok, just watching the telemetry. If I hit "show projects" repeatedly, 
> then I get a steep increase in memory usage, which does not all get 
> collected when I GC. So at about 300k lost per page refresh, that would 
> be part of it, but probably not all (I was refreshing the project list 
> often in the tests below). This could definitely be the 
> statecontentgenerator.
> I next ran a set of builds without doing anything on that screen, and 
> the net result was very little. It seems it could be isolated to the 
> SecureRunData and statecontentgenerator.
> FWIW, if you want to see the snapshots, they are stored under ~bporter 
> on if you have access:
> Launcher-2006-04-12.memory.gz
> Launcher-2006-04-12-2.memory.gz
> They're about 20mb each.
> - Brett
> Brett Porter wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've done some investigation.
>> I was able to run the server where it was just checking for 
>> non-existant updates for some time, and it had no net result on memory 
>> usage (it constantly goes up, gc's back to the same level, etc).
>> When I ran a "build all" on cheddar (with no checkouts), net memory 
>> usage increased 40Mb to build all 130-odd projects (it was at 24mb, 
>> now it idles at 62 - it was around 80 but 20mb went away after GC). 
>> Now, it idles at the same level again (even after enqueuing all again, 
>> but not building).
>> I took a snapshot at the start and end, and there is 38mb in a single 
>> hashmap with 513 elements. This map is the 
>> componentManagersByComponentHashCode field of 
>> DefaultComponentManagerManager. This would have to be unreleased 
>> components, right?
>> Some more things high in the allocation count:
>> - SecureRunData has 2mb that wasn't there before. It is a possible 
>> suspect since it is new in 1.0.3. It occurs more than once.
>> - ContinuumStateContentGenerator has 2mb. Another possible suspect for 
>> an unreleased component. There are 3 of them in the top 20.
>> - The second most allocated is a hasmap in the projectBuilder 
>> (processedProjectCache), at 5mb. This may just be acceptable use.
>> - DefaultViewContext has much as well, but I think that's because it 
>> stores all the state generators
>> The rest seem to be more instances of the above 4.
>> I don't have more time to investigate - I'd suggest perhaps logging 
>> all components released when the container shuts down, and just build 
>> one project from scratch to see what components are left in there at 
>> the end..
>> So it seems the actual specs we need:
>> - 20mb baseline
>> - 20mb buffer to build
>> - caches (eg projects)
>> It should easily fit in 64mb, with 128mb being safe if we are to spec 
>> out requirements.
>> HTH,
>> Brett

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