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From "Carlos Sanchez" <>
Subject Re: Non-public projects
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 18:17:23 GMT
I think this is what it's planned for 1.1 by adding security through Acegi

On 4/13/06, David Blevins <> wrote:
> There is a new feature I need and I'd like to get feedback from the
> group on how it may be implemented.  Don't know if I'll end up
> writing, but at least I'd like to get some discussion going for now.
> We at Geronimo desperately need to be able to setup a couple projects
> in continuum that aren't public -- they're tck related.  So
> basically, we need some way to mark a project as viewable by only
> logged in individuals in a specific group.  Having them listed on the
> main page with the other projects is ok, just clicking on anything
> there should require you to be properly authenticated and authorized
> to do so.
> This is a big new can of worms for Continuum, so what does everyone
> think?  Good feature/bad feature?  Any thought's on what'd be
> required to implement it?
> -David

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