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From Knut Wannheden <>
Subject Re: integrating with continuum
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 14:07:37 GMT
> >
> > I'd like to add projects with interdependencies to Continuum. Can I
> > also use the shell project type for this?
> You can use the shell project type. You only need a command line to launch your build.
> Interdependencies between projects are available for now only for maven projects. We'll
add this
> feature for ant and shell projects in 1.1

OK. I think I remember reading somewhere that the shell project type
is currently limited in that way. So I'm looking forward to the 1.1

> >
> > As we have very many projects, which also change over time, I'd like
> > to use some kind of API to keep the project definitions in Continuum
> > in sync. Thus I was wondering about adding new project types or an API
> > to add projects.
> What sort of changes do you want to do?

I'm not sure I quite understand your question. But let me explain what
I'd like to do. We have 100+ projects in our development environment
and occasionally we add new projects and change the dependencies
between existing projects. We also change the developer list for the
projects. Obviously I'd like the definitions in Continuum to stay in
sync without having to enter and verify that manually.

> >
> > Can you see a viable solution to this? Or should I enter a feature
> > request in JIRA?
> Look at CONTINUUM-544 for a xmlrpc client. I'll integrate it later in continuum.

That certainly looks interesting. I see this is also scheduled for
1.1. Is there an estimated relases date for 1.1?



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