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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Fwd: [ANN] Apache JDO 2.0 beta released
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2006 22:16:00 GMT
we should switch to this - not sure if its in the repo yet.

- Brett

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From: Craig L Russell <>
Date: Feb 1, 2006 5:47 AM
Subject: [ANN] Apache JDO 2.0 beta released
Cc: JDO Expert Group <>, Apache JDO project

The Apache JDO project is pleased to announce
the release of Apache JDO 2.0 beta, a preview release of Apache JDO 2.0.
Apache JDO is a subproject of the Apache DB project.

JDO is a JCP standard interface for persistence of Java objects.
It is datastore-agnostic and supports relational and non-relational
databases. For details, please see

The Apache JDO project builds the JDO API jars used by application
programmers and the JDO TCK jars, used to verify compliance with
the specification. The Apache JDO project does not build an implementation
of JDO 2.0. The JDO 2.0 Reference Implementation is JPOX,
which is available via its own download:

Apache JDO API and TCK are available as a source download from mirrors
/db/jdo/2.0-beta. The jar files are available in binary form as maven form
from mirrors /java-repository/javax.jdo and

JDO 2.0 builds on the JDO 1 API. Applications built to use JDO 1 need only
to be recompiled to run with JDO 2.0.

Features in the JDO 2.0 release include:

- Standard mapping from objects to relational databases
- Multi-tier support without use of Data Transfer Objects
- Improved query support including projections and aggregates
- Stored queries in metadata
- Deletion by query
- Optimized fetching of object graphs without writing special queries
- Extensive List and Map support
- Lazy loading of large collections
- Better support for single-field primary keys
- Object lifecycle event monitoring
- Improved support for bidirectional relationships

Craig Russell

Architect, Sun Java Enterprise System

408 276-5638

P.S. A good JDO? O, Gasp!

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