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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Questions/Ideas about Continuum
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 12:25:54 GMT

Nacho Gonzalez Mac Dowell a écrit :
> Hi all, I have a couple of questions regarding continuum's webapp. I've 
> been looking through jira and haven't found these issues tackled.
> 1. Is it just me or permissions are not checked when adding/removing 
> projects? If I log in, copy the url for deleting a project and then 
> logout, it seems that I can delete the project anyways. After going 
> through the sources, I didn't find where permissions are checked.

You're right, it's a big problem in actual code that will be fixed in 1.1 (not in 1.0.3).
We'll use acegi security framework for that.

> 2. What is the use of parsing the pom when introducing a new maven1 
> project? IMHO the pom should be parsed after checkout. This would allow 
> building projects which extend from others if the extension project is 
> included first. Maybe it would be useful to specify the relative url of 
> the pom when the checkout is performed. IMO all you need to build a 
> maven project is the scm connection url and parameters and the relative 
> url to the pom.

We need to parse the pom when we add it for initializing it in Continuum. We'll can perhaps
allow to 
add maven1 project which extend an other but only for parent project in the same checkout

> 3. Isn't the scm password stored as clear text on the db? Usually this 
> is a unix user/password from the scm machine... I would consider making 
> a certificate for ssh connection or something like that. Then the public 
> key for the user could be available for download and put in the scm 
> machine.

It's a possible solution to implement.

> Obviestly I am willing to contribute with patches on these issues if 
> they are welcome. I didn't want to open tickets just yet as it is my 
> first approach to continuum...

All help are welcome. File an issue and attach your patches. We'll look at them.

> Anyways, I think Continuum is a very nice tool that could be really made 
> into a monster! Thanks a lot for the effort!



> Thank you for your attention
> nacho

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