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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Design - Replacing Continuum's Web Framework
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 05:30:11 GMT
Carlos Sanchez wrote:
> Acegi is based in servlet filters for the protection of urls, so the
> web framework used won't impact its use.

That's great. Does it still require spring to be configured though? We
already have a massive download - I'd really like to reduce our
dependency set.

> I was in a project using JSF and seems that it's adoption is getting
> speed, with different implementations and a lot of extensions,
> utilities and tools. I've heard very good things about using
> Facelets+JSF to create components, and also about Spring MVC, but
> seems to me that people using Spring MVC is moving to JSF.

I've heard a lot of negative points about its use without tools support
too. However I haven't done the necessary investigation. I flicked
through some examples and found the pages almost illegible for the
number of tags for a simple form, and haven't really seen an example of
templating (perhaps that is meant to be external?)

Although I don't have experience with either Spring MVC or WebWork, at
least with an action framework and JSP/velocity its a bit familiar - I'd
be worried about the learning curve of JSF as a barrier to contribution.
I get the feeling WW will be easy to learn for your average struts
veteran :)

Of those, WW seems the best choice to me as it is coming to Apache and
is the more mature solution, and probably most familiar wrt summit.

I'd also endorse the use of sitemesh. That is a servlet filter that sits
in front of the app to "skin" it. It's very fast, and easy to use.


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