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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Multiple Build Definitions
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 00:48:26 GMT

David Blevins a écrit :
> I'm still not sure how having multiple build definitions comes into  
> play.  I see now real way to use anything but the default.

The default build definition is used when you choose to force a build from web interface.

> It's also a little confusing how the dont-execute-the-build-if-the- 
> source-hasnt-changed-feature comes into play.  They all have their  own 
> schedule and the source could get updated at anytime.  Is it just  a 
> roll of the dice which build definition gets executed?  Seems the  first 
> one to check would always be the one executed and the others  with 
> perhaps a less aggressive schedule would never get used.  Or  what 
> happens if build definitions have the same schedule, which gets  used then?

You're right. Actually, they will never used if there are no updates since first one execution.
We'll fix this in future version (certainly 1.1). Users will can choose on each build definitions
run them with a full checkout, always with an update or only if there are changes in update.

It isn't recommanded to have more than one build definition on a schedule. We'll run only
the first one.

> Seems there is something useful there about having multiple build  
> definitions, though I just can't see the vision with what has been  
> implemented so far.
> -David

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