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From Carlos Sanchez <>
Subject Re: Design - Replacing Continuum's Web Framework
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 05:17:57 GMT
Acegi is based in servlet filters for the protection of urls, so the
web framework used won't impact its use.
Are you planning protecting just urls or any other stuff? acegi can do
authorization and authentication at class, method and instance level
too, but I think that's only needed in a few types of applications.

I was in a project using JSF and seems that it's adoption is getting
speed, with different implementations and a lot of extensions,
utilities and tools. I've heard very good things about using
Facelets+JSF to create components, and also about Spring MVC, but
seems to me that people using Spring MVC is moving to JSF.

My 2 cents

On 12/1/05, John Casey <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We've been talking about this for quite awhile in various channels, and
> I wanted to take a few minutes and formalize the discussion. I'll
> capture the highlights of this discussion in the wiki afterwards. I'll
> start by posting my own thoughts, and let you all respond.
> Up to this point, Continuum has been built on a web framework called
> Summit, which is part of the Plexus project, and using Velocity as the
> page rendering technology. Summit is still a very young project, and as
> a result has its problems. Given the proliferation of web frameworks out
> there, it seems natural to wonder whether we couldn't find something
> more mainstream and mature that will fit our needs.
> The key goal here is to make the web tier as easy to understand as
> possible by the widest possible audience, without sacrificing anything
> in the way of quality. To that end, criteria might include:
> * tool support
> * maturity in the form of multiple final releases (or at least one)
> * good integration with JSP (it's the most widely-used rendering
>      technology out there for java)
> * ready availability of good documentation
> * integration with a decent security library (think acegi)
> * others?
> Another big concern is that we need to be able to make this web
> framework integrate with Plexus without too much funny business. I don't
> expect that to be a big problem, but worth mentioning.
> I know that a certain amount of work has been done by Trygve and
> Emmanuel to get WebWork running inside Plexus. Is this the best
> framework? A quick check of Amazon showed three books, only one of which
> is completely concerned with WW. SpringMVC might be another option,
> since it has probably the most natural integration with Acegi. There is
> a certain amount of overlap between Spring and Plexus that we'd probably
> have to map with a custom Spring container or something, but that's
> likely to be everywhere, since dependency injection is such a hot topic
> (and very useful).
> What do you all think?
> -john

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