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From Brett Porter <>
Subject interface thought
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 11:58:59 GMT

Thought I'd throw this out for discussion before considering forming it
in JIRA for, say, 1.2.

I was thinking about the process of adding a parent pom and having all
the modules added, and wondered what should happen when a new module is
added, or a module is removed from the parent.

Here, I think it would be a good idea to "link" them on setup, so that
the subproject is added/removed when its module goes from the parent.

I think this one is fairly straightforward and I'll drop it into JIRA
(1.1?) tomorrow.

But I also thought about the option of having a "always", "never", "ask"
choice when adding such a project in regards to whether to add/remove
found or lost modules.

Here - always behaves like above, never behaves like now, and ask would
prompt the user.

However, this happens in the background - when an update is found. How
could the user be asked?

I was thinking that this could be directed to a group or project
administrator, and stored in an "inbox". The user/group would be
notified of the request, and when logging in to Continuum would see they
have a pending action. Once dealt with (by accepting/declining the
add/remove request), the message is removed for all users. Maybe they
are all notified of the action.

This seems useful to me, though too much work for just this use case.
Are there any other actions that might be similar to this? I think in
particular POM updates (like changes in notifiers, developers, SCM
location), and admin actions - maybe even a notice that a new version of
continuum is available, here's how to autoupdate :D

What do others think?


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