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From "David Blevins (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] Created: (CONTINUUM-417) Don't list the entire revision history for a changed file, just the most recent changes
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 23:21:06 GMT
Don't list the entire revision history for a changed file, just the most recent changes

         Key: CONTINUUM-417
     Project: Continuum
        Type: Improvement
  Components: continuum-web  
    Versions: 1.0    
    Reporter: David Blevins

Instead, think of allowing ViewCVS or FishEye to be configured and create links.

It is *extremely* annoying the way it is now.  On OpenEJB, when a project.xml file is changed,
we get this:

djencks	GERONIMO-1123 add dependencies on plugin where it is used	
djencks	GERONIMO-1123 Use dependency plugin to generate geronimo-service.xml files	
djencks	GERONIMO-880 Remove bouncy-castle in favor of some copied classes	
ammulder	branches: 1.58.2; Sync with Geronimo changes - ServerInfo now an interface - Moved
management API interfaces to a new module	
djencks	GERONIMO-784 and refactor xmlbeans2 plugin for move to xmlbeans	
djencks	GERONIMO-782 step 1 remove xfire. Also clean up dependencies a bit	
dain	Removed openorb/tmporb Removed tools jar hack Removed all stub/tie compiler code since
is used openorb	
djencks	GERONIMO-738 move to xmlbeans v2	
dain	Added KernelFactory for pluggable kernel Kernel is now an interface Moved Kernel implementation
to basic kernel Converted JMX registry and config manager to plain old gbeans (they do not
require special access to the kernel) Magic attributes such as state and enabled are now accessed
via kernel methods Use of getAttribute and invoke for magic attributes and state transition
is now deprecated Cleaned up cruft in GBean infos such as declaration of non existent attributes
Upgraded to newest CGLIB, asm, and commons-collections	
djencks	update dependency versions	
maguro	Removed reliance on tmporb-ssl	
djencks	Add NamedUsernamePasswordCredential and supporting infrastructure to allow configuring
security info for ws client calls	
maguro	Change dependency to geronimo-spec-corba.	
maguro	Updated to use the default Sun ORB.	
dain	Convert remaining tmporb references to openorb	
dain	Switch to tmporb	
chirino	Implemented WSDL port address replacment.	
dblevins	First run of axis integration. more to sew up yet.	
maguro	Intermediate CORBA checkin.	
djencks	simple MEJB implementation, some changes to help MEJB deployment	
dblevins	Revising the WSContainer to better support rpc/encoded strictly against a lightweight
WSDL->Java mapping. Added validation for lightweigth mappings. Added ability to download
the WSDL via	
maguro	Needed for CSIv2	
djencks	Partial implementation of GERONIMO-450. GBean names are (mostly) constructed like
jsr-77 names and xml config usually only needs to specify namePart and optionally type	
chirino	The geronimo security package now depends on activeio and no longer on geronimo remoting.

dblevins	Basic soap rpc/encoded deployment and container support along with a general revamping
of the networkservice stacks.	
dblevins	The asm and bouncycastle dependencies had hardcoded versions	
dblevins	Reformatted	
dain	Replaced xml parsed entities for dependency version numbers with	
djencks	GERONIMO-402, 464. Split openejb and security deployment code into separate modules

djencks	GERONIMO-403/405/418 Split builders out of j2ee, naming, and jetty	
maguro	Intermediate CORBA checkin	
dblevins	Updated castor version to	
maguro	CORBA jars	
djencks	don't make duplicate xmlbeans-generated classes. Work around problem with xmlbeans
imported group refs	
dblevins	Added AppClient support for JNDI	
dain	Consolidated all version numbers into etc/version-info.ent	
djencks	Add timer support to session and mdbs. (entities still todo). Adapt to TransactionContextManager.
Adapt to deploying with external plan.	
djencks	Upgrade conncurrent to 1.3.4	
djencks	Implement message driven bean deployment and some of message-destination refs. Update
to howl 0.1.3	
dain	Updated the spec jar version numbers to rc2	
djencks	Eliminate two threadlocals. Move more thread specific context information (unshareableResources
and applicationManagedSecurityResources) into the InstanceContext.	
dain	Updated deployment code to support new geronimo ear deployer	
dain	Changed Geronimo version to 1.0-SNAPSHOT Changed OpenEJB version to 2.0-SNAPSHOT Changed
TranQL version to 1.0-SNAPSHOT Changed Geronimo spec versions to match spec version with a
-rc1 added	
dblevins	Updated 2.0M1 to 2.0-M1	
dain	Changed tranql to version 1.0M1	
dain	Changed geronimo version to 1.0M1	
dblevins	Updated version number to 2.0M1	
dain	Change mx4j version to 2.0.1	
dain	Changed tranql version to SNAPSHOT	
dain	Changed container id to a String Simplified requirements to create an EJBProxyFactory
EJBProxyFactory is now constructed in the GenericEJBContainer constructor Change ProxyRefAddress
to store the class names instead of a proxy info object; this allows the construction of an
ejb-ref without knowing the container type Merged stateless and stateful object base classes
into a single class, which simplifies proxy construction	
dain	Changed default database to Axion Assure that unshareable resources is always set into
the interceptor builder	
dain	Added cmp-field support	
dain	More deployment code. The base structure is in, and now we just need to expand it. Also
fixed a bunch of serialization errors.	
dain	Stubbed in a deployer and a simple test. Deployment doesn't actually work, but we have
a start.	
jboynes	Remove dependency on JDK1.4 build of hsqldb as we don't seem to use it any more	
dain	Converted id tags to group/artifact tags Added tranql	
maguro	Tests moved over by Brendan McAdams.	
dblevins	Added runtime dep to xerces to get it put into target/openejb-DEV/lib	
djencks	sync with current geronimo	
djencks	naming is no longer in core	
dblevins	Initial import	
dblevins	Merging head back into v2_0_G1M5 branch	

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