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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Continuum release process
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 08:21:51 GMT

This should be the release process for continuum. Let me know if you
think I missed anything.

For this time around, make sure you are using a bootstrapped m2. A bug
with the release profile has been fixed after m2 beta 1.
1) make sure there are no snapshots in the poms other than references to
continuum snapshots
2) run:
m2 release:prepare -Dtag=continuum-1.0-alpha-4 -B
(obviously change username if someone else)
3) run:
m2 release:perform
(this deploys all the JARs and their sources)
4) cd continuum-plexus-application
5) m2 assembly:assembly
6) mkdir -p ~/release/continuum-1.0-alpha-4
7) cp target/*.zip target/*.tar.* ~/release/continuum-1.0-alpha-4
8) cd ~/release/continuum-1.0-alpha-4
9) for i in tar.gz tar.bz2 zip; do md5sum continuum-1.0-alpha-4-bin.$i |
sed 's/ .*$//g' >continuum-1.0-alpha-4-bin.$i.md5; done
10) make sure you have gpg installed and have a private key generated
11) add your key to
12) for i in tar.gz tar.bz2 zip; do gpg --armor --output
continuum-1.0-alpha-4-bin.$i.asc --detach-sig
continuum-1.0-alpha-4-bin.$i; done
13) scp *
14) get people to test it.
15) on minotaur: cp
16) wait for the files to arrive at
17) update website with new information, change links to downloads, etc.
18) update release notes on web site
19) write up release announcement and post to maven users list, maven
dev list, maven diaries weblog, and
20) go to admin in jira and mark 1.0-alpha-4 as released
21) celebrate


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