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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Continuum White Site
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 06:31:13 GMT

Brett Porter wrote:
> Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
>>In the "Add Ant Project" view, you missed the target field, but, you
>>want perhaps use the same things that maven where goal/phase aren't
>>define in the project setup view;
> Yep, that was the intent. The targets are configured in a build
> definition (so you can just run tests hourly, then install and build the
> site daily, for example).
>>We can perhaps merge some views :
>>- m1/m2 add views are similar, we can merge them and add a combo box
>>for choose the maven project type
>>- ant/shell add views are similar, we can merge them and add a combo
>>box for choose the project type
> User interface isn't like code :) IMO, it's easier to select the project
> type from the menu and get the one specific to your project. Especially
> for a combined ant/shell page - that would be confusing.
> It might be a good idea to just have "add Maven project" and autodetect
> which version from the POM though, what do others think?
>>In the confioguration view, we can add the base url setup and the
>>working directory setup.
> which page was this on?
> I'm not sure whether working directory needs to be set up by the user.
> What would the base URL be?
I think we can setup all configuration entries present in 
configuration.xml file
base URL is the base http address of continuum installation (by default, 
http://localhost:8080/continuum/servlet/continuum). This base URL is 
concatenate to build project report and send to notifiers.
workingDirectory is the path where all projects will be checkouted, I 
think it isn't used for the moment.

these two parameters are admin parameters.


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