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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Continuum White Site
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 00:56:48 GMT
Rinku wrote:

> Hi Brett,
> Some suggestions on the HTML site:
> 1) User Administration
> Could we be able to create:
> - Groups
> - Users (Administrator/superuser always exists)
> - assign users to groups
> - set up group policies pertaining to project builds (RO/X access)
> - assign groups to projects (or vice versa)
> - assign a group manager, who is one of the group users and is able to
> add new users to the group.

I had planned this for later. Users have individual permissions right
now, but it definitely needs to be elaborated. We already have some of
these concepts such as project groups so it needs to match up to those.
I'll keep a note about your use cases though.

> 2) I like the way the 'generated artifacts' are hyperlinked on the
> build details page - is it possible not to have the Reports inlined on
> the same page but on different page (JUnit, site reports)

I'm not sure about inlining the reports - they could be quite large
(though I guess the same is true of the build output). If it is going to
be a click away anyway, I'm not sure what the advantage is?

> 3) Build History: Is there a way to specify a threshold number of
> build details to keep in history and let continuum delete/archive
> older ones automatically apart from being able to delete manually.

Yes, I had planned to do that but didn't really express it in the site
anywhere. Thanks.

> ohh...btw, Continuum logo is neat :-) !

Yes, I think so too (we're lucky it wasn't me designing it :)

- Brett

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