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From "Rinku" <>
Subject Re: Continuum White Site
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 08:25:36 GMT
Hi Brett,

Some suggestions on the HTML site:

1) User Administration
Could we be able to create:
- Groups
- Users (Administrator/superuser always exists)
- assign users to groups
- set up group policies pertaining to project builds (RO/X access)
- assign groups to projects (or vice versa)
- assign a group manager, who is one of the group users and is able to add 
new users to the group.

Some notes on how this translates to a practical use case:
- 'Administrator' for Continuum build system can create other groups and 
- Administrator can associate projects to groups.
- Clients/organisations are the groups that an Administrator can set up and 
set one of the users as the 'Manager'.
- Respective group managers can themselves manage who they want to add to 
the group from with the organisation.
- Administrator can set up Group policies - Read only / Execute access to 
group members. Ideal if a company wants its clients to keep track of project 
builds on a regular basis.

2) I like the way the 'generated artifacts' are hyperlinked on the build 
details page - is it possible not to have the Reports inlined on the same 
page but on different page (JUnit, site reports)

3) Build History: Is there a way to specify a threshold number of build 
details to keep in history and let continuum delete/archive older ones 
automatically apart from being able to delete manually.

ohh...btw, Continuum logo is neat :-) !



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From: "Brett Porter" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, August 07, 2005 8:02 PM
Subject: Continuum White Site

> Hi,
> I have put this up here:
> This is how I see continuum 1.0 looking. There are a few notes still to
> be reconciled, and I haven't added the project group (should basically
> be like the project page itself) or general configuration page (not much
> to this I don't think).
> Can I get some feedback on things that are good/bad. Hopefully we can
> work towards a version we agree on, and that will set the mark for what
> Continuum 1.0 should look like.
> Note that this is all just rough HTML - so comment on the content, not
> the presentation :)
> Thanks,
> Brett 

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