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From "Rinku" <>
Subject Re: Continuum White Site
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 07:20:49 GMT
>> 2) I like the way the 'generated artifacts' are hyperlinked on the
>> build details page - is it possible not to have the Reports inlined on
>> the same page but on different page (JUnit, site reports)
> I'm not sure about inlining the reports - they could be quite large
> (though I guess the same is true of the build output). If it is going to
> be a click away anyway, I'm not sure what the advantage is?

- Yep, thats what I meant 'not' inlining the reports or build logs on the 
same page as these can get too big for usability/navigability reasons. I 
think it would be better to keep links to detailed logs/reports.

>> ohh...btw, Continuum logo is neat :-) !
> Yes, I think so too (we're lucky it wasn't me designing it :)
> - Brett
Is one one for M2 in design ;-) ?

On another note, we could use Javascripting for doing stuff (hide/show 
project groups, expand nodes...), but what about browsers with Javascript 
disabled? or perhaps I am missing something and its been taken care of (in 
which case we can skip this!)



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