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Subject svn commit: r1427294 - /continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/developer_guides/building.apt
Date Tue, 01 Jan 2013 04:43:10 GMT
Author: brett
Date: Tue Jan  1 04:43:10 2013
New Revision: 1427294

minor adjustments to building guide


Modified: continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/developer_guides/building.apt
--- continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/developer_guides/building.apt (original)
+++ continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/developer_guides/building.apt Tue Jan  1 04:43:10
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
- Guide to build Continuum
+ Guide to building Continuum
  Emmanuel Venisse
@@ -12,17 +12,18 @@ Guide to building Continuum
   You might want to build Continuum yourself for one of two reasons:
+    * To build the source release of Continuum
     * to try out a bleeding edge feature or bugfix (issues can be found in
       {{{} JIRA}}), but you can try our SNAPSHOTs:
     * to fix a problem you are having and submit a patch to the development team.
-  Note that you don't need to build Continuum for day to day use. While we encourage getting
-  involved and fixing bugs that you find, for day to day use we recommend using the latest
GA release.
+  Note that for releases, you may also make use of pre-built binaries.
 * Checking out the sources
-  All of the source code for Continuum and its related libraries is in a {{{}
Subversion}} repository.
+  All of the source code for Continuum and its related libraries is in a Subversion repository.
   You can also {{{} browse the repository}}, or checkout
specific modules directly.
   All SVN instructions are available on the {{{}Source
Repository page}}.

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