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Subject svn commit: r885683 - in /continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt: administrator_guides/distributed-builds.apt installation/build-agent.apt
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2009 07:38:07 GMT
Author: ctan
Date: Tue Dec  1 07:38:06 2009
New Revision: 885683

[CONTINUUM-2380] update distributed builds documentation
merge -r 885681 from 1.3.x branch


Modified: continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/administrator_guides/distributed-builds.apt
--- continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/administrator_guides/distributed-builds.apt
+++ continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/administrator_guides/distributed-builds.apt
Tue Dec  1 07:38:06 2009
@@ -34,10 +34,8 @@
     Distributed Builds happen at the project group level of Continuum.
     When the entire project group is built in the Master, independent projects
-    (single project or multi-module project) are distributed to any available
-    registered Slave.  A Slave is said to be available when it is currently not
-    building anything as it can only attend to a single build request from the
-    Master.
+    (single project or multi-module project) are distributed to a single
+    registered Slave.
     In a project group containing a mix of projects, the distribution of work
     goes through the following steps:

Modified: continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/installation/build-agent.apt
--- continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/installation/build-agent.apt (original)
+++ continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/installation/build-agent.apt Tue Dec  1 07:38:06
@@ -51,9 +51,9 @@
     * <<<installations>>> - a list of the installations available on the
build agent, including Maven, Ant, JDK, etc.
-  Note that all of your agents need to be identical, as there is no way to control which
agent Continuum chooses.
-  In addition, if you are using the Continuum Release functionality, the master needs to
match the agents, as releases
-  will be executed on the master.
+  Note that all of your agents need not be identical, as there is a way to control which
agent Continuum chooses by using a 
+  {{{../administrator_guides/build-agent-groups.html} Build Agent Group}}. In addition, you
need to {{{../administrator_guides/buildEnvironment.html} configure}} 
+  the Build Environment from the Master in order to specify which installation to use for
the build.
   Now start the Build Agent by executing the startup script available in
   <<<$CONTINUUM_BUILDAGENT_HOME/bin/>>>.  For example:

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