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Subject svn commit: r807076 - /continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/administrator_guides/distributed-builds.apt
Date Mon, 24 Aug 2009 05:18:26 GMT
Author: ctan
Date: Mon Aug 24 05:18:26 2009
New Revision: 807076

update documentation on distributed builds
merge -r 807074:807075 of 1.3.x branch


Modified: continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/administrator_guides/distributed-builds.apt
--- continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/administrator_guides/distributed-builds.apt
+++ continuum/trunk/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/administrator_guides/distributed-builds.apt
Mon Aug 24 05:18:26 2009
@@ -51,16 +51,16 @@
     [[3]] For each independent project, the Master iterates over the list of
     registered Slaves and queries each if available.  The query is an XML-RPC
-    <<<ping()>>> followed by an <<<isAvailable()>>> invocation.
+    <<<ping()>>> followed by a <<<getBuildSizeOfAgent()>>>
-    [[4]] If a Build Agent is available, the Master collects the information
+    [[4]] If there is a Build Agent available, the Master collects the information
     necessary for the build (SCM url, project id, etc.) and passes it when
-    invoking <<<buildProjects()>>>.
+    invoking <<<buildProjects()>>> to the Build Agent with the smallest
number of
+    tasks in it's queue.
     [[5]] In the Build Agent, the build request is processed: the build is queued and
     executed.  Upon execution, the Build Agent first performs an SCM checkout then
-    the actual build follows.  The SCM checkout will result in invoking a
-    <<<returnScmResult()>>> callback method in the Master.
+    the actual build follows.
     [[6]] At this point, when the build is running, the Master can invoke
     <<<cancelBuild()>>> which returns a transient build result, and
@@ -90,8 +90,6 @@
     * only system administrator can enable/disable distributed builds
-    * releases are not supported
     * credentials (s.a. svn credentials) are passed along if specified, but if server cache
is used it will need to be done individually on the slaves
     * there is no tracking of scm changes

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