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Subject svn commit: r777764 - /continuum/branches/continuum-1.3.x/continuum-docs/src/site/xdoc/release-notes.xml
Date Sat, 23 May 2009 02:07:03 GMT
Author: ctan
Date: Sat May 23 02:07:02 2009
New Revision: 777764

update release notes for 1.3.3


Modified: continuum/branches/continuum-1.3.x/continuum-docs/src/site/xdoc/release-notes.xml
--- continuum/branches/continuum-1.3.x/continuum-docs/src/site/xdoc/release-notes.xml (original)
+++ continuum/branches/continuum-1.3.x/continuum-docs/src/site/xdoc/release-notes.xml Sat
May 23 02:07:02 2009
@@ -4,161 +4,159 @@
-  <h2>Apache Continuum 1.3.2 Release Notes</h2>
+  <h2>Apache Continuum 1.3.3 Release Notes</h2>
-  <p>The Apache Continuum team is pleased to announce Apache Continuum 1.3.2.</p>
+  <p>The Apache Continuum team is pleased to announce Apache Continuum 1.3.3.</p>
-  <p>Apache Continuum 1.3.2 includes the following new features:</p>
+  <p>Apache Continuum 1.3.3 includes the following new features:</p>
-  <p><b>Scm Comment Prefix for Release Prepare</b> -- Ability to configure
the scm comment prefix through the web UI for release prepare.</p>
-  <p><b>Build Agent Group</b> -- Build agents can now be assigned to a
specific project build.</p>
+  <p><b>Provide an audit log</b> -- Ability to view in the log which user
perform which function.</p>
   <p>To learn more about how the Continuum dev team versions releases, see our
       <a href="">release guidelines</a>.</p>
-  <h2>Release Notes - Continuum - Version 1.3.2</h2>
+  <h2>Release Notes - Continuum - Version 1.3.3</h2>
-  <h2>        Sub-task
-  </h2>
-  <ul>
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1499</a>]
-         Translate to Brazilian Portuguese
-  </li>
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2057</a>]
-         Update Project From Working Copy
-  </li>
-  </ul>
   <h2>        Bug
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1503</a>]
-         scm release tag default should match what the release plugin uses
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1130</a>]
-         can't delete default project group
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1504</a>]
-         when autoVersionSubmodules=true is defined in the pom for the release plugin, the
release prepare screen should not show or allow changing of   child project versions
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1806</a>]
-         Unable to delete M1 projects
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1505</a>]
-         release perform page does not use defaults specified in pom for release plugin for
goals and useReleaseProfile
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1940</a>]
-         NPE in IRC notifier
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1887</a>]
-         Release rollback hangs when the release failed at the scm-check-modifications phase
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1979</a>]
-         regression from 1.1 to 1.2.2: projects keep building even without changes
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1909</a>]
-         login and password ignored in checkout operation
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1982</a>]
-         The cow in the log says &quot;Continuum unknown started!&quot;
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1918</a>]
-         Username and Password should be optional on project release form (Subversion projects)
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2019</a>]
-         500 Error after editing project group info
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1972</a>]
-         Error attempting to delete project group
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2039</a>]
-         NPE in data management when a profile is active but not defined
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2015</a>]
-         Deleting Purge Configuration doesn't ask for confirmation upon deletion
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2075</a>]
-         Error deleting project group build definition
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2038</a>]
-         Some dojo js files are missing
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2078</a>]
-         Errors in export/import examples
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2047</a>]
-         Can't edit or delete PROJECT build Definition
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2083</a>]
-         &quot;Project name already exist&quot; when creating a new ant or shell
project in a recently created project group
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2048</a>]
-         Parallel Build Queue Name accepts null value
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2100</a>]
-         Unable to import data that includes installations
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2050</a>]
-         Available Templates has &quot;false&quot; on top of delete icon
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2106</a>]
-         Update Backup / Restore Database tool for BuildQueue table
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2053</a>]
-         Problem with french characters
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2138</a>]
-         Fix error message when attempting to delete a Build Environment that is in use
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2055</a>]
-         link to data management cli broken in migration doc
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2143</a>]
-         Message schedule.buildqueues.add.error when a schedule already exist
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2058</a>]
-         Editing an Installation , page dont change
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2144</a>]
-         NullPointerException when edit a project group with empty or only whitespaces values
in Project Group Name
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2059</a>]
-         Dont validate envirotment name when create installation with 'Create a Build Environment
Installation with the name'
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2145</a>]
-         Title and Text 'Schedule Removal' when you delete a schedule
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2064</a>]
-         Default Build Enviroment List don't show installations
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2147</a>]
-         Schema generated is incorrect when jpox.null-value=&quot;default&quot; is
set in sendOnScmFailure field
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2065</a>]
-         Wrong content in Other Changes Since Last Success section of build results
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2150</a>]
-         Message keys are showing in the jsp pages
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2067</a>]
-         Error while deleting project caused by SCM RESULT dependency foreign key constraint
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2156</a>]
-         Sorting not working in Project Groups Members Tab Screen 
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2072</a>]
-         Take care of the platform's default encoding when building continuum
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2157</a>]
-         Build number is missing on build results
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2077</a>]
-         Project Scm Root is not deleted even when you delete the projects.
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2159</a>]
-         Error upgrading from 1.3.2 to 1.3.3 using Data Management Tool
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2090</a>]
-         Stack Overflow error when preparing project for release
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2161</a>]
-         Release results state is always ERROR
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2102</a>]
-         Unable to configure subject line for email notifications
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2165</a>]
-         Adding Maven 1 project don't show errors in POM format
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2107</a>]
-         Send on SCM Failure is duplicated on the Add/Edit Mail Notifier page
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2167</a>]
-         Edit Wagon Notifier don't show serverId of notifier loaded 
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2112</a>]
-         Incorrect title page of Add/Edit Parallel Build Queue
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2171</a>]
-         Build Definition missing from template after import
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2118</a>]
-         update code that checks isLocked() to also check isPasswordChangeRequired() as well
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2174</a>]
-         Queues page is empty when distributed builds is enabled
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2120</a>]
-         Unable to build project after scm error
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2175</a>]
-         Error when add a Maven 2 Project with file url
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2124</a>]
-         NPE when building Shell or Ant project
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2176</a>]
-         Build Queue is still specified as under Administration in Managing Parallel Builds
while it is actually under Parallel Builds in the navigation menu
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2126</a>]
-         Edit Project Group moving a project to other project group fail
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2178</a>]
-         Unable to add secured projects
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2129</a>]
-         ClassNotFoundException when using the XML-RPC client
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2179</a>]
-         Error when updating project from working copy when project developer's email address
is null
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2130</a>]
-         Unable to notify latest committers only
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2180</a>]
-         Deleting  a Maven 1 project  causes a JDODataStoreException
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2134</a>]
-         Deleting a project group-level notifier with recipient latest committers prompts
Are you sure you want to delete the mail notifier with recipient &quot;&quot;? 
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2183</a>]
-         project cycle can cause Continuum to fail to start 
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2135</a>]
-         Missing confirmation when deleting a project-level notifier from the group-level
Notifiers tab
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2184</a>]
-         temp directory should not be created within the web application
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2139</a>]
-         Creating a Mail notifier incorrectly allows only spaces in the email address
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2186</a>]
-         No error displayed (in webapp and in logs) when an error has occurred during release:prepare
parameter input
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2140</a>]
-         Some continuum objects are missing during backup/restore
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2197</a>]
-         select all was removed from the queue page
-  </ul>
-  <h2>        Improvement
-  </h2>
-  <ul>
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1321</a>]
-         Improve error message when perform release fails due to missing distributionManagement
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2200</a>]
-         Logs should not display scm credentials when adding projects
+  </li>
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2206</a>]
-         NPE when building all projects in a group or a single project
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1726</a>]
-         Project description (as given in POM) should be visible
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2209</a>]
-         Can delete projects, project group, build result while project is currently building
or being checked out
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1823</a>]
-         Fewer notifications when Subversion server is unreachable 
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2211</a>]
-         s:head tag is duplicated in some pages
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2005</a>]
-         Go the &quot;Project Build tab&quot; from the &quot;Build Queue&quot;
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2212</a>]
-         RuntimeException when the project shouldn't build and no buildresult exist
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2020</a>]
-         Remove the local repository column from the project groups page
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2213</a>]
-         NullPointerException in build queues page
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2027</a>]
-         The i18n patch for zh_CN
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2217</a>]
-         Scheduled builds stopped after upgrade
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2028</a>]
-         Continuum release prepare should use maven-release-plugin scmCommentPrefix configuration
in pom
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2218</a>]
-         Unrelated but inter-dependent projects in the same group are not built in the correct
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2042</a>]
-         Ability to control which projects build on which agents
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2219</a>]
-         Project SCM Root is not created when migrating from 1.2.x to 1.3.x without using
a data management tool
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2043</a>]
-         Release should happen on a build agent rather than on the master
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2232</a>]
-         Continuum ignores duplicate projects in forced and scheduled builds
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2051</a>]
-         Add  confirmation upon deletion in Parallel Build Queue 
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2233</a>]
-         Unable to remove prepare build queues and build queues when distributed build is
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2052</a>]
-         Delete Confirmation Pages for Installation, Build Definition Templates
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2235</a>]
-         Continuum ignores 'enable' property in PurgeConfiguration for schedules
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2061</a>]
-         Typo on Project Groups's message prompts
+  </ul>
+  <h2>        Improvement
+  </h2>
+  <ul>
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1712</a>]
-         improve the performance of the group summary page
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2070</a>]
-         add a check if project should build or not
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1848</a>]
-         Forcing a build from the project group level build definitions tab returns you to
the list of project groups with no feedback
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2087</a>]
-         Viewing of working copy from build agent
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2016</a>]
-         Cannot edit Enabled field in Purge Configuration
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2109</a>]
-         [Roles] Change continuum-manage-purging and continuum-manage-repositories user role
names to Continuum Manage Purging and Continuum Manage Local Repositories
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2111</a>]
-         Create a separate role for adding and deleting a (parallel) build queue
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2125</a>]
-         add security audit log
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2154</a>]
-         Data management client only take into account default configuration
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2127</a>]
-         Configuration for Distributed Build should be visible only if Distributed Build
is enabled
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2185</a>]
-         set default memory upper limit to 256m
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2136</a>]
-         Show error message when build agent is removed or disabled
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2231</a>]
-         Queues page should include the prepare build queue
   <h2>        New Feature
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2054</a>]
-         Ability to configure the scm comment prefix through the web UI for release prepare
-  </li>
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2068</a>]
-         Build Agent group functionality
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-1853</a>]
-         Provide an audit log
   <h2>        Task
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2116</a>]
-         Upgrade to Redback 1.2 release
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2002</a>]
-         Update docs for using a build environment during release
+  </li>
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2095</a>]
-         Localization updates for 1.3 GA
+  </li>
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2187</a>]
-         centralise logging through slf4j
+  </li>
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2189</a>]
-         Update docs for changes in upgrade process
+  </li>
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2234</a>]
-         Update docs when building projects with different scenarios
-  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2137</a>]
-         Update documentation for new Build Agent Group functionality
+  <li>[<a href=''>CONTINUUM-2238</a>]
-         Update documentation for Queues page

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