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Subject svn commit: r776792 - /continuum/branches/continuum-1.3.x/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/administrator_guides/external-db.apt
Date Wed, 20 May 2009 18:04:03 GMT
Author: wsmoak
Date: Wed May 20 18:04:02 2009
New Revision: 776792

[CONTINUUM-2237] Document proper shutdown order for external db and add warning about data
merged r776789 from trunk


Modified: continuum/branches/continuum-1.3.x/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/administrator_guides/external-db.apt
--- continuum/branches/continuum-1.3.x/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/administrator_guides/external-db.apt
+++ continuum/branches/continuum-1.3.x/continuum-docs/src/site/apt/administrator_guides/external-db.apt
Wed May 20 18:04:02 2009
@@ -29,3 +29,10 @@
 ** Webapp
     To use an external database with the Continuum webapp, you should configure the DataSource
in your container.
+* Shutdown Procedure
+   When using an external database, it is very important to stop Continuum prior to stopping
or restarting the database.
+   Continuum may exhibit unpredictable behavior if the database disappears while it is running,
and may not recover
+   once the database comes back up.  If this happens, you must re-start Continuum.  If you
experience errors after
+   re-starting, the data may be corrupted and may need to be fixed by editing records directly
in the database.
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