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Subject svn commit: r588271 - /maven/continuum/trunk/continuum-site/src/site/apt/documentation/1_1/installation/geronimo.apt
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2007 16:20:18 GMT
Author: evenisse
Date: Thu Oct 25 09:20:18 2007
New Revision: 588271



Modified: maven/continuum/trunk/continuum-site/src/site/apt/documentation/1_1/installation/geronimo.apt
--- maven/continuum/trunk/continuum-site/src/site/apt/documentation/1_1/installation/geronimo.apt
+++ maven/continuum/trunk/continuum-site/src/site/apt/documentation/1_1/installation/geronimo.apt
Thu Oct 25 09:20:18 2007
@@ -1,21 +1,27 @@
- Installing Continuum on Geronimo
+ Guide to Install Continuum on Geronimo
  Emmanuel Venisse
  Oct 25 2007
-Installing Continuum on Geronimo
+Guide to Install Continuum on Geronimo
-* Datasource Configuration
+    Instructions for installing, deploying, configuring Continuum for the Apache Geronimo.
+    Sections:
+* {Datasource Configuration}
     Continuum uses two datasources (<<<jdbc/continuum>>> and <<<jdbc/users>>>).
You can create one or two databases for them.
     Here, we create only one database '<<<continuum>>>' used by both datasources.
     Look at {{{}Configuring
database pools}} in Geronimo User's Guide.
-* Deployment Plan
+* {Deployment Plan}
     When your datasource is created, before you install Continuum, you must create a <<Geronimo
Deployment Plan>> like this one:
@@ -72,13 +78,13 @@
     The '<<<continuum>>>' string used in <<<console.dbpool>>>
and <<<\<resource-link\>>>> is the name of the datasource created
in the previous part.
-* Install Continuum
+* {Install Continuum}
     To Install Continuum, you'll need the Continuum war and the deployment plan.
     Look at {{{}Installing
and removing applications}} in Geronimo.
-* Continuum Configuration
+* {Continuum Configuration}
     By default, the '<<<working directory>>>' and the '<<<build
output directory>>>' are stored under the WEB-INF directory. If you want to change
them (necessary on Windows
     due to the path length limitation), you can configure them in the {{{../administrator_guides/configuration.html}Configuration

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