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Subject svn commit: r161766 - maven/continuum/trunk/notes.txt
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2005 15:03:31 GMT
Author: jvanzyl
Date: Mon Apr 18 08:03:30 2005
New Revision: 161766

o this is where i collected my issues as JIRA is too slow or wasn't workingy


Added: maven/continuum/trunk/notes.txt
--- maven/continuum/trunk/notes.txt (added)
+++ maven/continuum/trunk/notes.txt Mon Apr 18 08:03:30 2005
@@ -0,0 +1,57 @@
+Get these into JIRA
+o deploy/release all components i've modified
+  - plexus-i18n
+  - plexus-action
+  - plexus-formica
+  - plexus-formica-web
+  - plexus-summit
+o move the configuration of summit into the webapp components.xml so that I 
+  can control the default view and error page better
+o trigger the build from the summary
+o fix the layout selection so that the menu doesn't show up in the login
+o hookup scm validator
+o stackable validators
+o for complex validations like the scm validator we may want a better error
+  out put mechanism. or at least make the error output configurable because
+  lots of things could be wrong. need to return a i18n key for the given 
+  error message. this is the only way that you can get a meaningful message
+  back from validation. One per validator doesn't cut it.
+o need to check if a project already exists
+o properties files for localization are horrible in order to easily
+  make language packs we need a tool to help show the keys for the target
+  language that need values.
+o check out the release documentation, it would be good to tell users what
+  they need to be installed in order to use the various builders
+x i18n the delete message
+x test update
+x need the content generator to be used in the view
+x separate add form for m1/m2 from the display and update
+  the add form should have the POM and goals/phase
+x formica needs to be able to call methods with parameters instead of using
+  a target object
+      add  / update / view / delete
+m1    ok     ok       ok     ok
+m2    ok     ok       ok     ok
+ant   ok     ok       ok     ok
+shell ok     ok       ok     ok
+NOTE: delete only works when projects are added via the
+web interface. projects added to the continuum via xmlrpc
+can't be deleted.

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