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From Chris Nauroth <>
Subject Re: Community Building
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2015 21:28:23 GMT
This is a great list from Julian.  To that list, I would just add that
it's helpful to maintain a queue of newbie work, so that new contributors
have something small but tangible to do.  Different projects choose
different methods of managing this in JIRA.  You could link to a JIRA
filter for all issues at Trivial priority.  You could use a "newbie" label
applied to individual JIRAs that are newbie friendly.

The important point is to keep these issues defined to a small scope, like
fixing a tiny bug or typos in documentation.  In some ways, it's more
about helping new contributors practice building, testing and contributing.

--Chris Nauroth

On 10/20/15, 12:06 PM, "Julian Hyde" <> wrote:

>Here are some ideas:
>* Conduct business in the open, on the dev list and in JIRAs
>* Be welcoming to new contributors
>* Release early and often
>* Make code super-easy to install
>* Speak at conferences and meetups in every geography where you have
>* Create a twitter account for the project and use it to propagate news
>and have conversations with other twitter users
>* Encourage contributions of all sizes and types - not just code
>* Add ³how to get started², ³how you can help² pages to the web site
>* Consider other channels (e.g. hangouts, IRC) if your community wants
>them. But be careful to keep business (e.g. making decisions) on the list
>If these ideas are familiar it¹s no accident - the Apache Way is a proven
>method to build community.
>> On Oct 20, 2015, at 12:49 AM, Atri Sharma <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to understand steps and ideas around community building.
>> Currently we have a PPMC of wide spectrum of developers and core engine
>> development is currently handled by myself, Nupur and Amrish.
>> Gaurav is working on the website and Gaurav and Ayrton are discussing
>> potential of a REST API for Concerted.
>> We have added two new contributors since we went into ASF Incubation:
>> Gaurav and Anand.
>> I would like to understand how we can start telling people about our
>> project, inviting more contributors and getting the game going. I am
>> that our mentors will guide us in this direction as well.
>> Regards,
>> Atri
>> -- 
>> Regards,
>> Atri
>> Apache Concerted

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