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From Eric Covener <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Attributing contributions to commercial vendors investing in projects
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2019 12:39:47 GMT
>    Knowing what companies are investing in a given area, allows users &
>    contributors know who to contact to move their own contributions faster and
>    gives companies the ability to accept user suggestions.

I am not a purist by any stretch, but I don't see this benefiting even
the prospective contributor and it's at the expense of community

>    Gives recognition to the companies (or individuals) who are investing in
>    Airflow.
>    This in the long term adds value to the project brand itself as it’s
>    easy to demonstrate who is using/contributing to the project.

Some associations might add, some might detract.    But it seems to me
that corporations already have little trouble in advertising their
relationships with open source projects when they want to.

I don't know what exists today, but one thing I would consider
positive is making sure there's good consensus/guidance on surfacing
individuals' affiliations (when they want to, of course)
For example, some people might think it's taboo to telegraph it even
though they're not concealing it.

> So my question is: Have you seen this done in a project? If yes, how they
> do it? Would you support this?

No, I wouldn't personally support anything that encouraged
users/contributors to expedite their contributions by finding some
corporate association and working outside the normal community

> I want to clarify that I understand that Open Source is about the
> individuals and not the companies, however I also see the need for
> transparency for the sake of project agility.

I don't follow the agility part.  If a corporation is so engaged that
they'd be able to expedite something, why wouldn't they have the same
attention on the community channels?

To be frank this strikes me as more for the benefit for companies that
don't like community development than the communities themselves.

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