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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Re: on "meritocracy"
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2019 13:38:55 GMT
I'm travelling and on holiday this week, but my $0.02:

Stop trying to find a single word for what we mean. It's too subtle:

> >   When using the word 'Meritocracy', is is important to
> >   explain on which merits the meritocracy is based :
> >   -- community building
> >   -- software construction
> >   -- whatever
> This is the main issue, and one where the traditional ASF usage of
> "merit" is subtly different than the dictionary definition:

If it's *so* important to us, break it out into two or three things.

* "The people who do the work get to lead the work"
* "We remember and like people who do good work"
* "As time passes, your contributions don't devalue"


Yes, we're international, and we can tailor this message in other
languages as necessary. We shouldn't therefore justify use of a
word that has this many problems and this much baggage in English,


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