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From Isabel Drost-Fromm <>
Subject Re: Onboarding Experience, Knowledge Architecture, Events and D&I
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2018 12:37:08 GMT

Hi Gris,

On Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 10:03:13AM -0800, Griselda Cuevas wrote:
> It's a pleasure to finally introduce myself and the projects I work on.

Welcome to comdev!

> My name is Griselda Cuevas and I'm an Open Source Strategist for Google
> Cloud. I work on initiatives that help Open Source projects be more
> efficient, I focus on community and project management specifically. I've
> been working with online communities for 8 years and I even did my Graduate
> thesis on the topic.

Great to have you here!

> There are 4 main projects I'm leading and I want to share with the list to
> a) get consensus in how useful they would be to the foundation, b) know if
> there has been similar initiatives or projects we can join/work with and c)
> see if there is any allies who would love to work with me in this.
> The projects I'm working on are:

>From where I sit I believe all of the points you mention below are relevant to
both, the ASF as well as at the project level.

>    1. New Contributor/Comitter Onboarding Experience

The stuff I'm aware of: There is some documentation here on comdev, there is
some on foundation level pages, there is some more for each project

Likely we could benefit already from starting a dialogue, collecting and sharing
what has worked for various people.

There's one thing on my mind at least that may be related: I would love to make
it easier (and more obvious) for people to help out with non-coding tasks. I
would also like to figure out if there's a way to make it easier to understand
how the ASF works and why it's designed the way it's designed - even for people
who are not deep down in the trenches working on one of our projects.

>    2. Knowledge Base Architecture for projects (documentation)

See above.

>    3. Events

There's at least four sites to that topic from my perspective:

- projects getting publicity at local meetups (likely it would be benefitial to
  share information on advantages as well as on how to benefit)
- projects getting publicity through speaking at larger but non-ASF conferences
- projects getting publicity through organising their own summits and
  conferences (likely sharing best practices, experience and ideas would be
  great to have there? The ones I know are organised by commercial entities who
  have built their business on top of ASF projects)
- ApacheCon itself - see also for one attempt to
  move it closer to a patches welcome working model (traditionally this was
  organised by an external producer, coordination happened through a mailing
  list that isn't archived publicly)
- the ASF getting more visibility through talks, tracks and booths at non-ASF
  exclusive events (that's mainly coordinate through the comdev list)

>    4. Diversity & Inclusion, focuses in LatinAmerica

The things that I'm aware of often happen on the project level. One thing that
was organised at comdev was to run a diversity survey.

> I work with a team of 2 more people (in addition to myself) - Aizhamal who
> lead the first two projects and a new person joining us in two weeks who
> will lead Events. They will be sending introductions too.
> I will send separate notes with more questions/details for each project, so
> the conversation is more organized, in the meantime, let me know if there
> are things we should look into or any thoughts/questions you mights have.

>From my side a very warm welcome.


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