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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Looking for someone who can answer questions wrt. Open Source and Standardization
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2018 12:50:52 GMT
Isabel Drost-Fromm wrote on 7/4/18 7:56 AM:
> Hi,
> I have been contacted by a friend who is working on a study about the topic
> "Open Source and standardization" for the EU commission. He would like to
> be put in touch with someone at the ASF, who can provide their perspective
> wrt. to the following two questions:
> * Input on how the ASF views their collaboration (in whatever format) with
> standardization organisations.
> * Input from ASF projects that sit between open source licenses and IPR
> rules and governance frameworks of standardization organisations.

As noted offlist I can provide perspective on the ASF's historical
approach as well as some practical advice, at the foundation level.

There are definitely a few EU-based members who have done work with
standards organizations that would have a better perspective, especially
since the relationship with governments and standards bodies is
different there (much closer in some ways) than the US.  Some of the
science-based or geo projects that incubated in the past 5 years would
also have good, and more specific comments if you can find the right people.

Briefly, the ASF has had formal relationships with the W3C (currently)
and JCP in the past.  Each of these two cases we assigned an ASF member
as a VP to serve as the formal representative, and in each case there
were no fees due to our non-profit status.  The officer is primarily a
coordination point, as a way for any Apache committer to work with the
officer to be able to give input to various standards committees in that

Note that the ASF as a foundation does not pursue these relationships:
we only sign up for them when some of our projects express a clear need
to be able to participate organizationally, and when some projects have
volunteers who step up to join committees and the like.  It's a way that
the ASF supports it's projects; not a way to influence standards just
for standards sake (so to speak).

> I'm happy to put you in touch, if you have a few cycles and would like to
> share your perspective. If you are receiving this in your inbox, than
> you've been on bcc: to the mail to because I
> believe you could have valuable input to share. Let me know if you have a
> bit of time so I can get you in touch.
> Isabel


- Shane
  Director & Member
  The Apache Software Foundation

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