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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Road Show vs ApacheCon
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2018 20:35:20 GMT
The terms Road Show and ApacheCon are being used almost interchangeably 
in our conversations, and I want to be clear as to the definitions of 
these terms.

A Road Show, as the name implies, is something with multiple stops. An 
Asia Road Show, for example, might have stop in Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, 
and Hong Kong.

An EU Road Show might have a stop in Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, and London.

A North America Road Show may have stops in DC, Chicago, San Francisco 
and Orlando.

The point being that a Road Show is something that draws a local 
audience, not an international one, and focuses on the local community 
of contributors/developers, rather than trying to draw people from far away.

Road shows are typically 2 days, but can be only one day.

The individual event will be small in scope (not necessarily attendance, 
that's a different axis), having 1 or two tracks of content. It SHOULD 
have an Apache Way talk at some point, given by an ASF member, but 
otherwise the content can be anything Apache-related. It MAY be 
colocated with another event, as we did in Berlin.

ApacheCon, on the other hand, is a complete conference. It will contain 
4+ tracks. It MUST have a hackathon space. It MUST have a State Of The 
Feather presentation, given by the President or his/her delegate. It 
SHOULD have a key signing and a BarCamp.

Content MUST be selected by the ASF. This is a fluffy way of saying that 
the VP Conferences must approve of whoever the selection committee is 
comprised of. This distinguishes it from an event such as some we could 
mention, where the content is selected by another org (such as the 
Apache track at the upcoming Open Source Summit, by LF, in Edinburgh, 
for example), or by a vendor (we'll avoid naming names). This is not to 
say that those events suck, but that they are not Apache events. I hope 
that distinction is clear.

It is typically 3 or more days.

And importantly, it is the one annual event for the continent. As such, 
it draws an international audience, both in speakers and attendees.

I bring this up because of objections I've received privately over a 
Barcelona Road Show being impossible because we're already talking about 
an event in Berlin. To me, this is irrelevant. Having an Apache Road 
Show every month in Europe (Except, of course, the month that contained 
an ApacheCon) would be an ideal outcome if it was financially 
sustainable. A Road Show is not ApacheCon. Which is why we don't call it 

Now, it's the financially sustainable bit that we need to work on, one 
event at a time.

Rich Bowen -

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