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From Daniel Ruggeri <>
Subject Quick OSCON debrief
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2018 15:46:48 GMT
Hi, all;
   Here is a completely unstructured list of thoughts/notes from OSCON before I hop on the
plane home.

- HUGE thanks to Filip, Pono and Myrle for (wo)manning the booth. We had someone there pretty
much at all times. This was a Very Good Thing(tm) because the traffic was relatively constant.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!
- Set up was straight forward. The tables were the right height, but the table cloth was significantly
wider than the provided table. Filip took care of it with the ole military fold/tuck bed making
maneuver since druggeri's tape attempt was a complete failure (but a cute effort none-the-less).
The table cloth took a direct hit from a coffee spill, so I am taking it home and will see
if we can return it its former glory before sending it to Virtual for storage.
- The roller banners and remaining flyers were sent to Tom @virtual for storage. I will update
wiki doco on where this stuff is.
- The caps on the top bar of the roller banners are finicky. If they fall off (as they are
wont to do during tear down handling), the full length of the banner will pull itself inside
the aluminum housing thus rendering the whole thing useful only as a blunt weapon and/or trip
hazard. The noise will announce to all around that your day just became a little bit crappier.
Field repairs were performed with a philips screwdriver I was able to track down. I suggest
we gorilla glue those suckers on there.
- I could have done a much better job of procuring and bringing swag. Half the stickers were
completely wiped out in the first 20 minutes of the expo hall being open. It wasn't all bad,
actually, because we were about as equivalently stocked as the other non for profits in the
row. This will turn into a "default booth load out" Wiki article or equivalent to prevent
the problem in the future.
- Pono brought a handful of project stickers on day two to augment the swag collection. Several
of them survived the expo hall onslaught, but we are effectively depleted of swag from this
event + GOTO and have nearly no leftovers worth mentioning.
- Our booth was directly across from the NSA's booth so, for once, we were able to watch them
while they watched us. Joking aside, I was able to pitch the idea to one of their engineers
of pushing his personal project through the incubator because it was a very, very interesting
idea and I would personally love to see it grow.
- We had tons of booth visitors. Everyone from folks saying, "Thanks for what you do!" to,
"What is an Apache and how can I?" stopped by. One visitor that was particularly interesting
was a man seeking advice for creating his own software foundation in support of his project.
We begged him not to put himself through that, and he seemed possibly interested in the software
going through the incubator, but only time will tell.
- Filip was our "booth babe". After discussion, it was determined this is an inside joke and
not a CoC violation.
- Pono and druggeri invented the clever idea of adding a request to the site verification
tool for each project to have a file to make the job of assembling
the logo banners easier and to fix the few white space overlaps. It would also be handy to
add color/personalization to project info in p.a.o
- The Tomcat project should be renamed Waldo. We searched and searched for it's logo in the
logo banner but couldn't find it.
- Pono and druggeri invented the idea of having a URL that will redirect
people to a random project site for discovery and browsing (like Wikipedia's random article
button or reddit's rand subreddit link)
- druggeri was able to shake hands and say thanks to a few sponsors (even posing for a selfie
with one). Follow-up with Zaheda at AWS is needed.

All in all, this was a good event. I am glad we could participate since the non-for-profit
booths did not come at a cost other than volunteer time this year.
Daniel Ruggeri
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