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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject [Facebook] Volunteers wanted
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2018 18:25:08 GMT
Are you a frequent Facebook user? Would you like to help out with our 
Facebook presence?

We need someone who knows the Foundation well, who can answer questions 
about the Foundation and point people to valuable resources about the 
Foundation, and who like being helpful. Tasks include:

* Posting updates about upcoming events
* Post release notifications from our various projects
* Answer queries that come in via Facebook messenger (these are, more 
often than not, people who are confused about what we are, people asking 
for software prices or support, and so on.)
* Identify and remove spam
* Post links to Sally's wonderful blog posts when they are published

... and so on.

If you are an Apache committer or member, and are willing to perform 
these tasks, please 1) "Like" the page, and 2) contact me offlist with 
your Facebook account name and email address.

Having a dozen or so people in this role will greatly reduce the load on 
those of us who currently handle the task, and will greatly increase the 
value and timeliness of the content on this important social media page.


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