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From "Kevin A. McGrail" <>
Subject Re: Help Wanted with Help Wanted
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2018 19:45:26 GMT
Rich great issue to surface.  It's a big turnoff if volunteers are saying I
want to help and they are not getting direction or input.

Even a talk about JFDI is help.  They need to know not to wait for
'authoritative' responses.

On Mon, Mar 19, 2018, 15:39 Rich Bowen <> wrote:

> On 03/19/2018 02:37 PM, Jim Riggs wrote:
> >> On 19 Mar 2018, at 09:08, Rich Bowen <> wrote:
> >>
> >> We have this awesome Help Wanted system, but something's not connecting
> the dots. We get a few of these "I want to help" messages every month, but
> I have never once (that I remember) see any followup from the volunteer who
> has said that they want to help.
> >>
> >> The Help Wanted system, which was written over a few days by Daniel, is
> great, but it's incomplete. We need to adopt it and add the features that
> are missing. Is this possibly something that we want to move to Labs for
> enhancement? (Danny has been itching for some activity in Labs!)
> >>
> >> In particular, I'd like to see some of the following features:
> >>
> >> * When someone indicates interest, this information is added to the
> Help Wanted item, and we have some way to follow up with them in a week, 2
> weeks, a month, and so on. Perhaps some automated reminders?
> >>
> >> * The ability to edit items
> >>
> >> * The ability to add notes, status updates, and so on, to an item ...
> or should we just connect an item with an actual ticket? Dunno.
> >>
> >> * General usability and navigational enhancements. I frequently get
> "stuck in a corner" and have to start from the front page again.
> >
> >
> > Based on these requirements, does it make more sense to just have Help
> Wanted be a JIRA project? It may not be the most engaging interface to get
> started, but maybe some type of skin or proxy could be put in front of it
> as a splash/landing/search entry point? Once you're into a JIRA issue
> itself, though, it could check off all four of your feature requests above.
> Maybe this is just an instance where we don't need to reinvent the wheel?
> Maaaaaybe?
> See the bottom of - that widget there is
> pulled out of Help Wanted. Is this something that we can do with Jira?
> I'm not terribly concerned with the "create an issue" side being
> engaging. We can figure that out.
> I am, however, very concerned with the "see what's available" side being
> engaging, since we are trying to engage new volunteers, on potentially
> non-technical tasks. Indeed, almost *all* of the tasks that I care about
> are non-technical tasks, and so our target audience is likely unfamiliar
> with Jira and not keen on learning it.
> If this kind of widget is doable with Jira, that would indeed save us
> time and yet more volunteer resources.
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