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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Setting up an official ASF swag store
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2018 20:19:59 GMT

I'd like to propose setting up an official ASF swag store. I recently
came across RedBubble [1] who produce stuff through geographically
distributed agents so the post costs remain reasonable world-wide.

My thinking is to do this with the logos for as many ASF projects as
possible and for as many of the products that RedBubble offer as possible.

These are the prices[2], excluding shipping and mark-up. The standard
mark-up is 20% which I propose we use with all of this being passed to
the ASF.

The plan, assuming there is general support, would be:

- Set up the account and figure out all the admin side of things
- Pick a project to start with to test things out
- Email all PMCs to
  - inform them of the store
  - ask them to add a link to it on their web-sites
  - ask them to provide logo(s) in suitable resolutions
- Upload logos for those PMCs that provide them
- Work through the logos for the PMCs that don't in slower time

I need to run this past a few other folks as well. My intention is to
point them to this thread and ask for feedback.

I don't intend this to replace any stores committers, PMCs, community
members etc. are currently running. I view it more as a way of providing
a default selection of swag for as many projects as possible.

Thoughts? Feedback?




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