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From Sharan Foga <>
Subject Quick Update about FOSDEM 2018
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2018 12:20:57 GMT
Hi All

I wanted to post a quick update about FOSDEM that ran over the weekend. As usual it was a
huge event, with lots of people a coming along from all over the world. 

Once again a big thank you to everyone who turned up to help out at the booth or to chat to
people about the ASF or their project. I like FOSDEM because it's a place where you can finally
meet in person the people that you have been chatting with on the mailing lists. So a great
place to connect.

This year we had some larger roller banners, one with our feather and one with our list of
projects. Once again people were surprised to realise just how many projects we have at the
ASF or that they were already using.

Daniel organised a“Save the Date” sign with details of ApacheCon NA and the Apache
EU Roadshow. This was great at promoting the events to everyone.

We also had a few project demos running via a monitor at the booth. Visitor often want to
find out more project details or see it in action so having a visual display really helped
us interact with people. (BTW the Kibble demo got a lot of attention not only from visitors
but Apache people too :-)

As usual people came by to pick up stickers and I know we will never have them all so there
are always people asking us for stickers that we don't have. I think this time Kaftka and
Cassandra were requested a lot!

We also had some different swag this time Apache balloons (which were popular not only with
children), pens (that went quickly!), bracelets (we ran out of both our Meritocracy and Do
I.T like a Girl ones), t-shirts (we printed a few and they were very popular, in fact someone
happily donated 20 euros for 2 shirts), mugs (we had a few Apache mugs that became a most
wanted item).  

FOSDEM is quite an intense conference because it runs over a couple of days a lot of information
gets circulated to a large audience then discussions start discussions which start even more
discussions. It's very easy to get caught up in conversations with people you have only just
met about technology, development, community and any other topic you care to think of.  I
think it was a lot like that at the booth this year:-)

I'd really like to thank all the booth volunteers (Daan, Rohit, Trevor, Myrle, Andrus, Kevin,
Rich, Daniel, Pono and Isabel). I apologise if there was anyone I've missed out!

It was also good to meet a few people from the earlier Apache days (so thanks to Xander and
Torsten too!).

It was an amazing fun event and I had a really great time. I hope that we can be present at
FOSDEM in the future and continue to promote Apache there.


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