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From Karl Heinz Marbaise <>
Subject Re: I wish to contribute.
Date Sun, 18 Feb 2018 10:56:59 GMT
Hi Thomas,

On 17/02/18 17:02, Thomas Red-Cloud wrote:
> Hi, My name is Thomas Red-Cloud. I am as the name suggest a Native
> American, from the Apache Chiricahua tribe of San Carlos Band. I am also a
> software engineer, 20 years. I have made the decision to start
> contributing, and express interest of becoming a member of the ASF which
> honors my tribe. I have seen enough in the wild of SE to know that by
> contributing, I will help pave the way for other engineers to innovate.
> Best Regards,
> Thomas

So first many thanks for your decision to help and contribute which is 
the foundation of the Apache Software Foundation and it's great having 
people who are willing to help.

Now the hard part comes to decide where to contribute ?

Have you already taken a look at the projects[1] of Apache Software 
Foundation ? You can start contributing on a project while taking a look 
into the mailing lists or in the appropriate JIRA and see if you can 
help with an issue or just ask on the project mailing list where someone 
of the projects can give you a hint where to start with (so called low 
hanging fruits)...

You can start for example with reading the docs of the projects and if 
you find a thing might might be improved/changed/fixed just start with 
reporting it and maybe making suggestions how to improve/change/fix the 
docs ...Or if you have more experience you can take a look at the jira 
and try to work in a issue (best to talk before that on the mailing list 
with the projects)...and create a patch and attach it to JIRA issue...

Most important here is to start communication on the mailing lists first 
before you start working on something cause it might be the case that 
the project has different priorities/ideas/long term directions etc. 
than you have in your mind...

Also take a look into the community[2] docs as a starting point..

May own path was that I had having issues with a particular project 
where I started to contribute to (reporting issues, offering patches 
etc.). after a time I was offered to become a committer and later on I 
became a PMC and after more time I became a ASF Member...

So to be honest going directly to become a Member might be a thing which 
might happen in the future...but I would start with the beginning and 
start as a contributor and the others things might happen in the furture...

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise


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