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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Booth at GOTO Chicago
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2018 15:46:14 GMT
Trevor Grant wrote on 2/16/18 10:40 AM:
> Hey all,
> I reached out to GOTO Chicago for info on doing an Apache Booth there.
> They got back to me with pricing, but seemed really interested in having us
> and like immediately were saying it was totally negotiable / they'd work
> with us.

Excellent idea, and thanks for working on this kind of stuff!

> The quoted cost is $10k, not sure if it's worth even pursuing- all I can
> say is that I can work the booth in Chicago.
> Does a budget exist for this? Have other for profit conferences given us
> any discounts? Should I just tell them, thanks but that's way out of our
> price range?

No, we have not paid for booth space at conferences, as far as I recall.
 As a non-profit with limited budgets, we need a very specific reason to
pay for things like this; merely having a booth is not something the ASF
would likely pay for.

The majority of times there's an interesting conference where we have
the volunteers to staff it, and the conference organizers are truly
interested in having an Apache presence there, they end up giving us a
booth free as a non-profit.  So going back to them to ask about how they
treat non-profits is likely the next step, if you're up for it.

> I never thought much of this conference, but it was on that list of top-10
> tech conferences that was pushed out a few weeks ago so I started to do
> some research on it.


- Shane

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