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From Isabel Drost-Fromm <>
Subject Re: Documenting project self-assessments for maturity model
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2018 16:07:57 GMT

Am 12. Februar 2018 08:40:25 MEZ schrieb Bertrand Delacretaz <>
>I'm not sure if more documentation is needed, but a examples might be


>Here's a few that I found, where projects have done self-assessments.

Hmm, how would people discover these examples and be able to add more? Links on the maturity
model page itself?

>IMO the best way is for a project to keep such a page on their website
>and revisit it periodically to check if things have changed.

+1 Hence my suggestion to add a link to the model in the reporter tool so ppl have a regular
reminder (assuming projects are using that).


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