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From Johan Corveleyn <>
Subject Project website design and style guidelines / tips
Date Sun, 03 Dec 2017 15:21:39 GMT

Some of us in the Subversion community have been talking about
"refreshing" our website [1]. Overall it's not bad I think, but it
starts to feel a bit dated. We'd like to update it with a more modern
L&F, make it more attractive, perhaps shuffle around some bits of
information to make them more easily discoverable, etc ...

Before we go reinvent the wheel, I was wondering: does the ASF have
some guidelines, style guides, templates, tips? I found one recent
mailthread on dev@community: "Where's the code" [2], but that was
mainly focused on having a link to the source repositories and
download links.

Browsing through some project websites I see quite some diversity. Is
this: each project does its own thing? Or is there a desire to create
some consistency and / or take the burden of designing websites away
from the projects a bit (most of us are nowhere near experienced web

Any checklists of things to keep in mind?

Any great examples within the ASF ecosystem?



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