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From "Kevin A. McGrail" <>
Subject Re: Paris Open Source Summit 2017 Update
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2017 18:14:43 GMT
Awesome recap.  Thanks to everyone who helped.

On December 17, 2017 12:29:49 PM EST, Sharan Foga <> wrote:
>Hi All
>Sorry for the delay in getting this update out to you all, but this
>year's mega flu got me. 
>Anyway a brief update on the Summit.
>I arrived on the Tuesday afternoon and went over to check out the
>location and start our booth setup. It was easy to find and people
>seemed to smile at the fact that we were located right next to the 
>Libre Office stand. 
>Early Wednesday morning, I arrived and started setting up our table,
>and not long after 9am people started coming in and dropping by our
>There was a main hall was divided into various areas focussing on ther
>different themes. For example our booth was in the Associations Village
>(for Open Source Foundations and non profits), as well as company
>booths, they also had a Legal Tech Village about the legal side or open
>source,  Mobility, OW2, Innovations Village. A key focus this year was
>Africa and how open source is opening up new technology opportunities. 
>Our Apache track ran on the Wednesday afternoon and the room we were
>given held a maximum 35 people. Our talks were a mix of French and
>English and attendance numbers varied from around 10 to 30. The most
>popular talk being Apache Spark!
>Most of the discussions were in French and even though I haven't really
>spoken French for a while – it sort of came back (well I think it did
>:-).  One of the most common questions we were asked is 'Does Apache
>have a local company in France?'  And each time we have to explain that
>the Apache community is everywhere.
>Thanks very much to our speakers (Bertrand, Luciano, Martin, Ismael,
>and Olivier). Thanks also to everyone who helped out on the booth. Big
>thanks to Bertrand seemingly effortlessly did 3 talks at this event, (a
>keynote, an ASF track one and a community track talk!)
>There was also a talk on Apache Dremio on one of the other tracks that
>we didn't know about until the day.
>A super special mention and kudos to Herve Boutemy and Olivier Heintz
>who spent most of both days working on the ASF booth with me!
>Thanks very much to Emmanuel (our Paris insider who found us a nice
>restaurant in the centre and organised a dinner for us all). 
>We did have a scanning application to try and capture the number of
>people we were interacting with and in total myself and Herve scanned
>120 people but this really didnt reflect the total number of people
>that really came along. The event attracts around 6000 attendees and we
>definitely saw a lot more than 120 people over the two days.
>I heard that this is the first time they have tried out this new
>conference format and I think that it works very well. I hope we get
>invited to participate again next year!
>We also made some new contacts and the ASF has been invited to
>participate in another Paris based open source conference which will be
>English content only.
>I took a few photos so will try and get those posted on our Facebook
>page soon.
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