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From "Ross Gardler" <>
Subject RE: ComDev mission
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2017 20:36:05 GMT
I am so tempted to -1 just because I'm in a chaotic mood today. But I'll settle for the knowledge
that the mere mention of a -1 will have caused a few groans 😉

Seriously, I'm a strong +1 and hope to help with such a refocus. With that in mind I would
note that the original PMC charter was intentionally limited in scope to bringing people into
ASF projects. This was to avoid conflict with the Incubator which focused on code. I propose
going a step further than simply adopting a new mission statement. We should change the charter
 to reflect this proposed mission. It currently says:

RESOLVED, that the Apache Community Development Project
be and hereby is responsible for helping people become
involved with Apache projects; and be it further


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From: Rich Bowen [] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 1, 2017 12:05 PM
Subject: Re: ComDev mission

On 10/27/2017 08:43 AM, Shane Curcuru wrote:
>> We are, of course, primarily focused on Apache Software Foundation 
>> projects. However, because we believe that the Apache Way is, in 
>> fact, the best way to manage a software project, we strive also to 
>> make these
> s/the best way/one of the best ways/
> We have a great method, but it's not the best of all possible ways for 
> all communities.  I think making the mission a superlative will bring 
> more flak than it brings value.

I believe it's the best way, but, ok.

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