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From "Isabel Drost-Fromm"<>
Subject Re: ComDev mission
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2017 08:43:38 GMT

On 2017-10-27 10:43, Rich Bowen <> wrote: 
> Months ago, we discussed a refocusing of the ComDev mission, which we've
> made some progress on here:
> I had an inspiration this morning, and wrote the following, which I would
> like to propose as our new mission statement, to be included on the website
> and in our board reports:

Though not needed by the lazy consensus model: +1 from my side to your proposal. 

Maybe as some sort of inspiration: I've been watching the work of
for a while this year. I really like the approach of writing up their kind of advise in the
form of patterns: To me that makes it easier to figure out which advise fixes which problems.
Maybe something we can consider here as well.

Two little anecdotes as a bit of motivation: Years ago I was chatting with Pieter Hintjens
on how the Apache Way puts community over code. The first point there
is what came out of that. When giving my "Open source is just about the source, isn't it?"
talk as a keynote earlier this year I was approached by one of the attendees telling me how
they had modelled their open source community after what we do at The ASF. IMHO there would
be an interested audience for this type of information.


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