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From "Sharan Foga"<>
Subject Application for FOSDEM Devroom - Unsuccessful
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2017 10:46:14 GMT
Hi Everyone

(Am re-posting this as it looks like the first one didn't get through.)

I've received the response from the FOSDEM organisers regarding our application for a devroom
and unfortunately it hasn't been accepted.  Thanks very much to everyone who gave their feedback
and comments regarding the devroom application and we'll try again next year.

A general email was sent out to the unsuccessful devrooms and I've included the details below.


As you'll appreciate, we do not have enough space for every proposal so
difficult decisions have to be made.

Each year, we give a few regular devrooms and stands a break so that
there is space for some new ones.  If this has happened to your room
this year, please do try to see this as an opportunity to have a rest
from organising things, and enjoy participating in the event as a

We're aware that some proposals have been "almost" accepted a few times,
yet narrowly missed it again.  Please don't be discouraged from trying
again next year - your turn may come eventually.

One general point worth mentioning is that a few of the proposals fell
low down the list because they suggested workshops with an emphasis on
promoting existing software.  FOSDEM devrooms should be more aimed at
encouraging collaboration between developers of related projects and
sharing ideas about future development work rather than just promoting
the use of software that already exists.

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