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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: ComDev mission
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2017 12:43:08 GMT
Rich Bowen wrote on 10/27/17 4:43 AM:
> Months ago, we discussed a refocusing of the ComDev mission, which we've
> made some progress on here:
> I had an inspiration this morning, and wrote the following, which I would
> like to propose as our new mission statement, to be included on the website
> and in our board reports:


> -------------------------
> The Community Development project creates and provides tools, processes,
> and advice, to help open source software projects improve their own
> community health.
> We are, of course, primarily focused on Apache Software Foundation
> projects. However, because we believe that the Apache Way is, in fact, the
> best way to manage a software project, we strive also to make these

s/the best way/one of the best ways/

We have a great method, but it's not the best of all possible ways for
all communities.  I think making the mission a superlative will bring
more flak than it brings value.

> artifacts releasable to the open source community as a whole.
> -------------------------
> I feel like this provides a clear path for our activities, as well as a
> goal of  being a beacon for the entire open source world, with our
> experience and philosophy.
> In the spirit of lazy consensus, I'm going to make that paragraph edit on
> our website unless there are objections. (This won't happen for several
> days, since I'm traveling, so there's time for folks to speak up.)
> --Rich


- Shane

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