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From "Sharan Foga"<>
Subject Final Proposal for FOSDEM Devroom
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2017 09:44:35 GMT
Hi All

I'm including a final copy of the FOSDEM devroom proposal that was submitted below as I'm
going to remove the temporary page I created on the wiki to draft it. Posting it here means
that the details will be in our mailing list archives for future reference.


Title: Apache Software Foundation Collaboration and Community Lab (or ASF CoLab)

The Apache Software Foundation Collaboration and Community Lab devroom is intended to provide
a common space to:
- engage with users, contributors and committers from any of the ASF project communities
- encourage cross collaboration and knowledge sharing across Apache projects
- promote a healthy open source development culture
- disseminate information around common themes that are of interest to  Apache and open source
projects in general
- attract new open source contributors by providing introduction to projects and technologies
- collaborate with other open source foundations and institutions

Open source foundations such as Apache,have a unique perspective on open source and their
communities. Each have their own range of projects, culture and view of their role in the
open source world. By sharing knowledge, stories and experience, this devroom aims encourage
greater collaboration both internally and externally and to bridge the gap between projects.
The ASF generally holds one or two conferences a year but this does not attract people from
the complete range of Apache projects so by being more active in regional conferences such
as FOSDEM, the ASF is looking to reach out to more of the existing project communities as
well as attracting new users and contributors.

Another area that this devroom could help is in cross foundation project collaboration. Many
people in open source are involved with multiple foundations and this devroom could be used
to help to break down any perceived barriers between foundations.

This is not a technical devroom and instead will be a community oriented common space with
a focus on collaboration related topics, introductions to Apache projects, and common themes
such as software licensing, community culture, trademarks, project maturity models, governance
and legal. Apache (and open source foundations in general) help provide not only a legal structure
and governance but also an special environment where open source projects can be established
and grow.

For example a key part of the ASF is its collaborative culture, the Apache Way”,
a set of open, transparent and community empowering behaviours that encourage community growth
and longevity. These behaviours and way of working can be successfully utilised across many
open source projects as well as commercial organisations. Other projects or foundations may
have similar cultural advice, tools, guidance or best practice that could be useful to share.

Content will be a mix of presentations, and dynamic discussions with a key focus on audience
interaction and responding to questions.

Why does it fit FOSDEM
With over 300 open source initiatives, the Apache Software Foundation has its own unique perspective
on open source and project communities. Open source foundations are an important source of
projects as they help to promote open development and create and establish healthy communities
around open source projects. Sharing knowledge, stories and experience will encourage greater
collaboration and interaction within Apache Software Foundation projects and also help build
and strengthen relationships with other open source foundations to encourage cross foundation

Both days

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