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From "Kevin A. McGrail" <>
Subject Re: Draft Proposal for FOSDEM Devroom
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2017 11:26:22 GMT
On 9/13/2017 6:03 AM, Daniel Gruno wrote:
> On 09/13/2017 09:26 AM, Myrle Krantz wrote:
>> On Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 4:26 PM, Daniel Gruno <> wrote:
>>> - Wine: Eeeeeh..can't give alcohol to minors (and we don't have the
>>> legal competence to check for ID). maybe consider non-alcoholic
>>> beverages instead.
>> The legal drinking age in Belgium is 16 for alcoholic drinks with less
>> than 22%.  According to Wikipedia it's also rarely enforced.  I'm not
>> suggesting we start handing out shots to 12 year olds.  But with some
>> good faith effort, this may not be the problem it would be in the US.
> It's not so much whether we're competent, as it is what does the
> university and conference allow. They had some reservations about "free
> alcohol", and want us to contact them for a more in-depth response
> (they'll have to mull it over).
At the time I wrote the idea, I did not pay any attention to the 
location just whether something like that was possible.  It sounds like 
non-alcoholic beverages would be a better choice and please ask / 
confirm with them if that would be ok and I'll plan for that.


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