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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Signing contracts?
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2017 19:25:18 GMT
Myrle Krantz wrote on 8/1/17 11:27 AM:
>> VPs are officers of the foundation. They are able to sign contracts on
>> behalf of the ASF.
>> That said, if I was the VP, I'd want to get any such contract reviewed
>> before signing it. The legal affairs committee [1] can help with that.
> Does that mean that I can sign contracts on behalf of the ASF?  That's
> surprising.  I'm so glad we have legal affairs.

You are a Vice President of the corporation, much like VPs in other
corporations, so organizations outside the ASF probably will recognize
officers here just like officers elsewhere in the world and might accept
your signature.  That doesn't mean it's (usually) a good idea from the
ASF's point of view!

Technically, officers would only have authority to sign contracts within
their assigned duties, generally from the board resolution appointing
them.  So it's a pretty rare situation when a PMC VP should be legally
signing on behalf of their project and the ASF.  In any case, yes, ask
legal for review first.

There certainly are cases where this makes sense, but *any* cases where
it changes how our IP is licensed in any way whatsover, or when there
are *any* financial risks or obligations for the ASF, you really need
explicit legal and/or board approval.

Depending on what the contract binds the ASF to, I'd expect either VP,
Conferences or VP, ComDev to sign.


- Shane

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